The Collective Mastermind

Being a Member of The Collective has Perks...


As a Member of
The Collective Mastermind Perks & Privileges

Membership DEFINITELY Has Its Privileges

Of course, there is more to membership than just the gatherings. As a member, you’ll also receive the
following benefits:

Exclusive Connection Concierge™ Access Whenever you need assistance or have a question
our Connection Concierge is here to provide introductions to the WHO’s you need – a
tremendous resource!

Monthly Zoom Calls We carve out time for The Collective members and you’ll be included in
our insider Zoom meetings with high-level experts on a variety of topics.

The Collective Private Online Social Network Group This is a member favorite, because this is
where you can get damn near any question answered almost immediately by The Collective
team or a fellow member. This exclusive, high-level forum is ripe for YOUR taking.

Profiteering Resources You’re welcome to take advantage of George’s, Ken’s and Jason’s
included offerings. As a member of The Collective you will have access to this ‘Trinity of
Resources’ to increase your influence, knowledge and Maximize your Return on Life™ (ROL).

Early Access and Insights (Value – Priceless). Part of our intention for The Collective is that it
will be a laboratory of sorts where we look at opportunities before others see them. Some of
these deals and strategies we discuss publicly, but many opportunities never see the light of
day. The only exception we make is The Collective. As part of The Collective, you’ll see it all.
Better yet, you’ll see it before others, giving you a potentially MASSIVE advantage.

● Intimate connection to industry players (Value – Priceless). If you asked us to name the single
most valuable business asset, it wouldn’t be the last great investment or real estate deal we saw,
a website, or a product. It wouldn’t be a patent, trademark, or copyright. All those things are
great, but our single most valuable business asset – the one that’s made us the most money and
would be hardest to replace – is our relationships. As a member of The Collective, you’ll tap into
this same network. You’ll become friends with powerful business minds who control deal flow,
and you’ll have access like never before.

● Accountability (Value – Priceless). The group will hold your feet to the fire. If you commit to a
plan at one meeting, you will be held accountable to that plan at the next. The Collective
members are honest (as real friends are). Just know, however, that they have your best interest
at heart.

● Golden Ticket Access As a The Collective member, you get discounted access to many of our
events outside of The Collective – Creating Wealth conferences, “Meet the Masters” conference,
property tours and more.

Will YOU be sitting at the table with us?

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In-person meetings

Four in-person meetings per year in extravagant locations to expand your network, skyrocket your wealth, and forge lifelong relationships with titans of industry…

Strategic Sessions

Strategic hot seat sessions led by big names who’ve “been there, done that” to answer your most burning business questions, share key deals, even invest together…

Access to our rolodex

Access to our Rolodex of Fortune 500 CEOs, world-famous celebrities, real estate moguls, plugged-in investors, and political tycoons (some of which will be in attendance, and you’ll make new friends with as equals)…

Accountability Calls

Monthly accountability calls to guarantee you’re on track in between our weekend getaways…

Qualify Today

If you’re one of the 20 investors to qualify today, you’ll get started right away with $12,562 worth of “Welcome Package” bonuses…

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As you can see, membership definitely has its benefits. But to ensure our members are protected, there are also a few rules you must abide by...

A Few Rules

CONFIDENTIALITY. Information shared in The Collective is confidential and for member use only.
Sharing strategies other than with your team for use inside your own business is strictly prohibited.
Any member who shares confidential information from The Collective’s membership can be

GUESTS. On occasion, you may bring pre-approved guests with you, assuming they are an investing partner, close friend, potential member, or a spouse/significant other. As long as they are pre-approved and pay the guest fee, it’s fine with us. If you or your partner cannot attend an event, sorry, but you cannot send an employee in your place without advance approval. This group is designed for high-level entrepreneurs and investors.

JOINT VENTURES and investing partnerships between members are encouraged, but snagging a deal out from under another member or duplicating their complete business model without permission can result in termination. The group does not take kindly to theft (which is what this would be), and we will do what we must in order to protect our members and the sanctity of this group.