Terms and Conditions

NOTICES: (a) The Collective reserves the right to accept/reject or terminate applicants/participants without explanation or cause. (b) No guarantees, express or implied, concerning income, investment results or any specific results, etc. (c) Neither The Collective nor its officers, employees, advisors, affiliates and/or speakers or any participants may be held liable for any information, ideas or advice dispensed via this Program. Everything is of a general information and opinion nature and individual participants have sole responsibility for their decisions and actions. (d) Neither The Collective nor its officers, employees, advisors, affiliates and/or speakers or any participants may be held liable for any business dealings, activities that may cause harm, loss, injury or death that Program participants may choose to engage in with each other or with The Collective, and/or affiliated people and entities. Participants agree to indemnify, protect and defend The Collective, its officers, employees, advisors, speakers, affiliates, vendors and related parties from such liability. (e) Deposits and installment payments are non-refundable, except by specific guarantee terms, if any, in the sales literature published by The Collective for the Program. This is a 12-Month commitment. The program and/or it’s published benefits of participation are not guaranteed and are subject to change. Terms of the attached “Membership Agreement” apply.

Membership Agreement
I have read, understood and agree with the following terms and conditions. I also understand that my Application will not be reviewed, processed or accepted unless I accept the terms and conditions contained herein.
Membership selection and the right to renew and continue as a member is the sole discretion of The Collective, LLC or Collective Advisors LLC and/or it’s assigns and/or it’s affiliated companies referred to herein as “The Collective.”
My membership will be renewed at the lowest prevailing renewal rate each quarter or year (depending on plan selected), and I will be eligible to participate in The Collective activities and programs (“Program(s)”). Membership provides access to educational programs, networking, and unique adventures and/or trips.

Confidentiality: As a The Collective member I acknowledge that I may learn about the business or investments of other members and that, as a condition of my membership, I am obligated to keep confidential and not disclose, in any form, whether directly or indirectly, any information or materials (the “Confidential Information”) which is disclosed to or learned by me during any session or communication with other members and participants in the Program. In addition, I shall make best efforts to secure and protect all Confidential Information from disclosure using at least the same care that I would reasonably exercise for my own confidential materials and information.

No Liability: I acknowledge and agree that The Collective has made no representation or warranty as to the suitability of the Program, information presented, or content of information provided by third parties (“Contents”) for any specific purpose or application or investment and The Collective undertakes no liability in connection with my application of the Contents to its business; The Collective shall not undertake responsibility nor shall it be liable for the actions of any participant, member or third party in the Program including but not limited to the disclosure of Confidential Information by any participants, members or third parties. The Collective shall not be responsible for any loss, costs, damages, consequential or punitive, or liability incurred by me or my business of any nature including but not limited to arising from any form of negligence, personal injury or criminal activity and I shall indemnify, defend, protect and hold The Collective, its affiliates, officers, employees, agents, servants or independent contractors harmless, from and against all liability in connection with any activity or arising from the use of my image, hereinafter defined, my Membership and participation in the Programs including but not limited to any claims of a breach of this Agreement, any use or disclosure of any Confidential Information. I understand and agree that participation in Membership is broad based and may include an entity or individual who is perceived as a competitor by a Participant.

I acknowledge and agree that this Agreement is made shall be governed by Wyoming law and adjudicated in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The prevailing party in any litigation relating to this agreement shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney and legal fees from the other party for all matters, including appeals.

Photo/Audio/Video Release: I agree to allow The Collective, its representatives, and/or affiliates to video record, photograph and record my voice and physical appearance (the “Image”) for use in connection with the Program. The Collective shall own the copyright and other rights in and to the Image, and may use the Image in the advertising, marketing and/or promotions. I agree and acknowledge that I will not enjoin the creation, production or distribution of the Program.

Participants Statement: I acknowledge, agree and represent that I am in sufficient good health, and in proper physical condition, to take part in the activities for which I register. I further agree and warrant that if at any time I believe, or become concerned, that any activity is or may be unsafe for me or others, I will immediately discontinue my participation. Therefore, I assume full responsibility for myself, for bodily injury, death, loss of personal property and expenses thereof as a result of these inherent risks or dangers and for my negligence in participating in this activity.

By undertaking any experience or trip, I acknowledge that there is an element of risk in any adventure, sport or activity domestically or in a foreign country. I acknowledge and agree that these inherent risks, which include, among other risks, the risk of injury, illness, or death in remote places without medical facilities; the ever-present danger posed by the forces of nature; the risks of accident during travel by aircraft, automobile, truck, bus, watercraft and other means of transportation; and I acknowledge and agree that there are dangers and rigors imposed by such activities. Knowing and understanding these risks, I agree to fully assume all risk of illness, injury or death, and release and hold The Collective, its officers, employees, affiliates, agents, servants, contractors, vendors and suppliers harmless from all actions, claims or demands for damages for personal injury, consequential or punitive damages, costs or expenses resulting from my participation in a Program resulting from any cause whatsoever. I understand and agree that the acknowledgement and agreement stated here is binding upon me, my heirs, executors, administrators, representatives, successors, and family members.

I understand that trips take place in rugged outdoor conditions that contain inherent dangers due to weather, terrain, animals, marine life, local flora and fauna and distance from hospital facilities. I understand that I have the option to cease participation in any Program if I feel unsafe. I further agree to bear the expense of voluntarily withdrawing or ceasing participation in any Program before it has concluded.

The Collective reserves the right to unilaterally change any or all of the terms, conditions and requirements of membership, including but not limited to the cancellation policy and responsibilities of The Collective and the member, at any time. If any changes are made, The Collective will send you a written or email notice identifying the change and its effective date. If a change is not acceptable to you, you may cancel your membership by providing written notice to The Collective not less than thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of the change. If you do not cancel your membership, your continued membership and participation in any program, event or trip will be deemed conclusive evidence of your acceptance of that change without the need for further action. In addition, all terms, conditions, obligations and responsibilities contained in this Membership Agreement, as may be modified, and specifically including but not limited to your obligation to keep any information obtained confidential and your indemnification of The Collective, shall survive the cancellation or termination of your membership.

The Collective also reserves the right to terminate any member’s membership at any time and in its sole discretion in the event that the member is conducting him/herself in a way which is detrimental to the health, safety or enjoyment of the group or any member, including the offending member or in any way violates any of the terms and conditions hereof (collectively, “for cause”). In the event that a membership is terminated for cause, there will be no refund for any trips for which payment has been received nor will The Collective refund any portion of the membership fee.
I have carefully read and understand and agree that this Membership Agreement contains, among other things, a full release of liability of The Collective its officers, employees, agents, affiliates, servants, independent contractors, vendors and suppliers and that it constitutes a legally binding contract between me and The Collective, its officers, employees, agents, servants, independent contractors, vendors and suppliers. My signature below is of my own free will and I agree to all stated conditions, releases and limitations of liability.